What is Cyber Security

What is CyberSecurity?

You have probably come across the phrase cyber security all too often. It is a phrase that appears online frequently these days. But do you know what it really implies? If you answered yes, good job on your part. But if you answered no, there is no big deal. Today we dwell on the subject of cybersecurity. We delve deeply into this popular subject to add value to your life in one way or another as our reader. Without further ado, let’s begin straight away:

What is cyber security? It can be defined as the protection of systems that are connected to the Web from cyber attacks. Systems may include data, software and hardware. In the cyberspace, security normally consists of two components.

  • Physical Security
  • Cybersecurity

Both are vital to the safeguard of data, software, and hardware from criminals. Physical security prevents the bad guys from accessing these materials physically for ill purposes. It also makes it difficult for them to download data or software on-site so that they can use it for criminal purposes. A good example of physical security in the world of computing is a flash drive with sensitive data that is being protected from getting into the hands of criminals. Another perfect example is a server room, which is guarded so that no unauthorized party can gain access to the data or software inside that room.

Cybersecurity, on the other hand, is the protection of Internet-connected systems from online criminals. This form of security is different from physical security in that it protects data, software and even hardware online as opposed to onsite. One basic application of cybersecurity is the use of a password to prevent third parties from accessing your social media account. A password that is only you knows makes sure that nobody is able to get onto your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.

What Is the Significance of Cybersecurity In Our Daily Life?

The protection of data, software and hardware online is critical for everybody who uses the internet. Cybersecurity is not only crucial to big organizations as you may assume. Even you, who is at the grassroots level, do face a constant cyber threat from online criminals.

You probably have a social media account with personal details, which the bad guys can use to steal money from your bank account or locate your residence. After all many social media companies, if not all, require details such as your name, location, mobile number and date of birth to create an account. Without cybersecurity, those details can easily get into the hands of the bad guys who could use those at your disadvantage.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to cybersecurity, what comes into the mind of many people is banks and other big organizations, which are vulnerable to cyber attacks. They assume that this is an issue that only matters to organizations and not the ordinary man. But the truth is that we are all vulnerable to cyber attacks. Just like the banks and other organizations, we face constant cyber threats.

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