Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the Perspectives project, both for developers and non-developers.

Publicize Perspectives

Tell your friends, write a blog post, use twitter/facebook/google+/etc. to spread the word.

If you like our extension, please rate/review it on the Mozilla Add-ons site.

Beta Test the Firefox Plugin

Before we release a new version of the plugin, its great to have some people willing to give the new version a spin, poke at it, and see if anything is broken. To get updates when a new Beta version is available, join Perspectives Firefox Beta on Google Groups.

Run a Notary Server

You can run a notary server yourself.  You see our instructions for installing an Ubuntu notary server in the Amazon Cloud .

You can also just visit the Perspectives Notary Server github site and read the README.

Hack on the Firefox Extension

The extension is written entirely in javascript.  Some experience with Mozilla addons is suggested, but you can also just learn as you go.

Check out the Perspectives Firefox Plugin github site.  See the README for details.

Join the Perspectives Developer Discussion email list.

Pick-off one of the existing issues or feel free to come up with your own idea.

Hack on the Notary Server

The server code is written completely in python and is surprisingly easy to hack on.

Check out the Perspectives Notary Server github site .  See the README for details.

Join the Perspectives Developer Discussion email list.

If you’re looking for some suggestions on possible improvements, send us an email.

Improve Documentation

Even if you don’t code, you can help others understand what Perspectives is and how to use it.  The Firefox Extension has fairly meager docs, so we could really use some help here.

<Your Idea Here>

Have a cool idea?  Contact us on the development email list to share it (and see if anyone else is already working on something similar).


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